Reindeer Memory Game

I made a fun reindeer memory game with these free printable Reindeer Tags from babalisme.  She uses to share her printables so if you want the reindeer you have to sign-up!

Here's my tutorial if you'd like to use packing tape to cover them!

Supplies: 2 sheets of reindeer, card stock, glue stick, good packing tape, small baggie

1- cut out all reindeer
2- cut card stock squares (height 1 7/8"x width 2"-- measure exact to fit packing tape size)
3- (skip to #4 if only using squares) cut card stock circles-- if you don't have a circle punch/cutter it might be easier to glue reindeer first and then cut around them
4- glue reindeer to card stock with a small dot of glue  
5- lay down a 4½" or 5" piece of packing tape sticky side up and place one square/circle face side down to right half of the tape carefully making sure it fits in tape height and then fold over the rest of the piece to cover the back-- cut off extra tape
6- tape 'Reindeer' and some of the festive border on a snack-size bag to hold game
7- Have fun playing memory!!
* I made my game with both circles and squares to hopefully make it easier for my 3 year old to find matches. *

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