Fizzy's Lunch Lab Review

I had never heard of Fizzy's Lunch Lab until I was sent Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Fresh Foods 101 to review.  It's a PBS KIDS GO! web-only series that educates on nutrition topics with crazy characters and strange, but 'cool', freezer food singers.  Professor Fizzy is Lunch Lab's host and Fast Food Freddy is Fizzy's nemesis.  Freezer Burn band is the 'Rock n' Roll Reinforcement' that sings about the webisodes nutrition lesson. 

Fizzy's Educational Goals:
1. To create a positive change in the current state of childhood nutrition.
2. To encourage daily physical activity and exercise.
3. To promote basic nutrition and proper portion-size, the importance of eating three meals a day (especially a good breakfast), and the value of family meal-time interactions.

source: PBS Parents

I watched most of the DVD with my kids one hot afternoon and even learned a thing or two.  Freddy's voice is annoying to me but my kids didn't seem to be bothered by it.  My 5 star rating: the webisodes are short (two stars), educate with entertainment (another star) and the DVD includes lots of printable nutritious recipes for kids to help make (two stars)! 

This show is aimed at kids age 6-8.  You can purchase Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Fresh Foods 101 at PBS SHOP.

* I was provided with a DVD.  This 5 star review is my own opinion.

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