Mad Libs Travel Folder

mad libs travel folder
This idea to make a Mad Libs Travel Folder for fun stories in the car came about because of a cool gift my daughter received for Christmas--  Cranium Silly Stories.
image of a Cranium Silly Story

A Mad Libs Travel Folder is really simple to make!  Buy a cheap/slim 3 ring binder, dry erase markers, sheet protectors, and print out some free mad libs!!  The dry erase markers I bought (under $3 at Walmart) have an eraser top.  I used Scholastic and Garden of Praise to make a parts of speech cheat sheet for the inside front of the folder. For younger school-age kids, like my 7 year old, this is a fun way to sneak in learning this SUMMER while traveling!

**I like the free printable mad libs from Woo Jr. and Teachnology because the spaces for writing in the words are large. Mad Glibs is another free resource and great for older kids.

Fun with a Bottle Lid

I started saving bottle lids when Silly Eagle Books posted about her Bottle Cap Bunny and then her Bottle Cap Animals!  It's a good thing because bottle cap/plastic lid fun started popping up everywhere!  We were inspired and had to make some of our own pictures.  I had a fish idea for my son but I instead made it.  He had his own easy but creative idea for a lid that opened to be a clam and he had me draw some fish to keep it company.  My daughter came up with the caterpillar.

bottle lid fish clam caterpillar

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Three Little Pigs Guest Post on Silly Eagle Books

Silly Eagle Books
My friend Vanessa at Silly Eagle Books has allowed me to be her guest today (my first guest post) I'm sharing some Three Little Pigs books, a craft my daughter and I made long ago, and some fun three pigs links!  See my interview about Vanessa from January.  I enjoy everything about Silly Eagle Books including these great posts: ABCs with food, big list of birthday books, huge list of books to sing, knock-knock valentines, bottle cap animals. If you read with your kids Silly Eagle Books is a fantastic blog!