Spring Beanbags

spring beanbags-- eggs, rainbow, bunny, flower
It's really a no-brainer but when I saw Make and Takes idea to use hot glue and felt to make beanbags I was in love. We went to town for Valentine's Day and made 25 hearts for a school V-day party plus a quick heart beanbag toss set for some cousins (reused a cool whip container covered with felt to hold the hearts).  Then we made shamrocks and rainbows for St. Patrick's Day. The rainbows fit right in to this spring set too and the adorable bunny beanbag idea came from Two Straight Lines (her bunnies are definitely much cuter though).  I ran out of beans and had old rice so that's what I used for all of the beanbags shown in the picture.

Hooray for Hopscotch!

I have fond memories of playing hopscotch in elementary school and loved having my own hopscotch marker.  Last year in my daughter's bunny basket there was chalk and a Hoppy Taw and she had no idea what it was for!  Now she regularly draws her own hopscotch and gets jumpin'-- I even join in the fun now and then!

Spring weather in Utah is unpredictable and crazy!  The time we spend outside is usually minimal so indoor activities to get some energy out are necessary!  That's why I really like this creative Hopscotch Play Mat by A Girl and a Glue Gun (guest post on The Idea Room). *image from A Girl and a Glue Gun

Playing outdoors requires drawing the pattern first but that's part of the fun!  Check out some great and different hopscotch pattern ideas and rules on Squidoo (scroll down a little to see the 6 pattern images) for making outdoor hopscotch just a little more exciting! *Dizzy Dragonfly Hopscotch image from Squidoo

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Snap a Poladroid

My parents had a Polaroid Camera and I always thought it was interesting how the film developed and how the pictures looked.  Believe it or not, someone has created a free application that mimics a Polaroid using digital photos!!  Poladroid Image Maker can be downloaded to your computer really quickly so you can start snapping some poladroids!!  I found out about this photo fun while browsing through This Mama Makes Stuff.