PBS Nature: Raccoon Nation Review

NATURE is a PBS program that's celebrating it's 30th season so chances are you've probably watched Nature at least a few times.  Nature is fascinating and very educational and in an hour you can learn quite a bit!

NATURE: Raccoon Nation was released in March.  It follows a new raccoon family with GPS tracking and high-definition cameras.  Raccoons are omnivorous just like us and they adapt well so they're having no problems fitting into city life.  I was amazed to see a raccoon open a door and a tent.  Their smarts are making life easier for them but more difficult for the areas they're calling home.  There's segments that show what raccoons are up to in parts of North America, Japan, Germany and Canada (Toronto is the raccoon capital of the world)-- eye-opening and a little frightening.  I really enjoyed Raccoon Nation and have a new perspective on the raccoon species.   

My whole family agrees that PBS Nature documentaries are cool and it's screen time I have no problem with! 

More animal titles we like-- NATURE: Kangaroo Mob, NATURE: My Life as a Turkey, NATURE: The Animal House, NATURE: Fortress of the Bears

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Jen said...

My family enjoys those shows as well. The Racoon show sounds great. They are pretty sneaky- I've been hissed at before by a pretty large one. lol