MyMemories Suite Review

** I've invited my little sister Charlee to join me on Fantastic Find.  This review is written by her.**

I am all for anything homemade. Take, for example, the extra things I do for my 8 month old daughter. Each week I make her diaper wipes as well as baby food from scratch. No jarred stuff around this place. But when it comes to scrapbooking, I make zero extra time to sit down and create beautiful pages of tedious craftiness. Maybe if I had a dedicated room or space for scrapbooking specifically, I might make the time to do it. Though, who seriously has an extra room in their house to dedicate to all things scrapbooking? Even if you do, are you really in there scrapbooking often? I dream of a scrapbooking room, but my life requires more of me. Cooking. Cleaning. For heavens sake, sleeping!

Playing around with the features of My Memories Suite, I realized how much easier it is to digital scrapbook vs. traditional scrapbook. You could lose several minutes per page by searching through your scrapbook supplies to find the exact paper or button you need, but searching for those things in digital format takes much less time. Additionally, with traditional scrapbooking, you have to make sure your page looks just right before gluing everything in place. Using digital scrapbooking software, you have the unique opportunity to play around with different paper and layouts before you ever have to "glue" anything in place.

Both traditional and digital scrapbooking can be very costly. Using My Memories Suite costs money to download to your computer, and if you want to buy more digital paper or embellishments, you need to spend more money still. I find it easier to spend money online, because I don’t have to swipe a card or hand over some cash. If money isn’t an issue, then this is an obvious advantage over running to the scrapbooking store to gather supplies.

After downloading My Memories Suite, I spent a few hours just navigating through different things. It has a small learning curve, but once you know where everything is, you can get a whole book done in a cinch. After spending some more time on the program, I was able to create a template for a photo book and a few pages for a calendar. I loved using the shadow feature for any embellishment I placed on the pages. It makes the pages look more like a traditional scrapbook with 3D elements. As for some of the truly digital features, I didn't find a use for them for my specific projects. You can add music, videos, or links to web pages to the albums if you are truly just going to leave the book or project in digital format. It would be compared to using Microsoft Powerpoint, and you could send the project in an email to friends and family.

So while traditional scrapbooking can take up a lot of space in your house, digital scrapbooking only takes up space on your computer. The way I see it, you will spend more money on traditional scrapbooking unless you plan to the very last page. One drawback I do see for digital scrapbooking is that you don't get the real homemade feel that a traditional scrapbook gives you. In the end, it is all a matter of preference, but for someone like me without extra space and money, digital scrapbooking with My Memories Suite makes a lot of sense.

 *Although I received this product free of charge to review, I have made up my own mind about it!

MyMemories Suite is a software for making scrapbook layouts, videos, photo books, cards, decorations and more! From their site: 'Print directly from the software to your home printer or export and take your project to your favorite printer. MyMemories Suite lets you export your projects as JPG, PNG, PDF or SVG.Come back tomorrow to enter to win MyMemories Suite v4 digital scrapbooking software.

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