Readeo and LMNO Peas

Readeo and LMNO Peas = Sharing a BookChat™ about round little veggies.
The book LMNO Peas by Keith Baker is featured on the kid {media} spread in this month's Parenting Early Years magazine.  I often "judge a book by it's cover" and the illustrations on LMNO Peas is cute and fun!  After reading the little description it was on my to-read list!  It's brand new though so it isn't at my library.  Good things are worth waiting for.  Lucky for me I didn't have to wait too long because Readeo stepped in!

I found Readeo thanks to a review on ABC and 123.  I skipped on over immediately after reading the review because digital books are fun!  The first thing I noticed was that LMNO Peas was the Book of the Month and free for anyone to read!  That made my day!  I signed up as a guest and my son and I read LMNO Peas and loved it!  Little green peas being alphabet words-- astronauts, gigglers, parachuters, and volunteers!  There's a cute LITTLE ladybug on every page too!  It's only free to Readeo guests in April! 

Readeo is a unique concept that helps people who are far away from each other to connect with video and share a book together!  BookChat™ allows you to "See, Hear, and Read" with a loved one!!  Now that's pure happiness for many: grandparents and grandkids, a military parent and kids, and any other person who wants to read to a child but has miles in-between them.

We are fortunate to live close to all our family.  I'm working on getting some close family and faraway friends to BookChat with us for fun!  Although Readeo's purpose is to connect with BookChat they also have a Read Solo feature.  For the last few days my kids and I have enjoyed reading digital books on ReadeoThe only problem I've had is with small text on a few books.  You can't zoom in or change the book size so I had to squint to read them.  My computer screen may be small compared to most.  (From a Readeo e-mail in July: "books and video in your BookChats now expand to appear as large as your screen will allow"!!)  Readeo is simple to figure out and I like the clean and uncluttered look of the site.

How to Read Solo: Sign in and click 'Read' in the top right by the blue book.  Minimize the page that pops up and click on 'Library' to browse the books.  When the cursor is over a book it shows a description and gives three options.  Click on 'Read' and restore the Read Solo page to read it!

You need to experience Readeo for yourself!  Readeo is kind enough to offer my readers a code for a free month trial!  Hooray for Readeo!!  Use code lovereadeowhen signing up for a whole month of free BookChatting or just reading digital books together!  Then be sure to come back later in May for some BIG Readeo happiness along with my experience with BookChat™!!

*I planned on letting my readers know about Readeo before I was offered a free 2 month trial and a code for my readers in exchange for a review.  The free product had no influence at all on my opinions.I think Readeo is fantastic!!

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silly eagle books said...

This sounds great--I'm going to have to read LMNO Peas! Sounds so cute!