Owly Animated Short and Free Comic Book Day

I raved about the graphic novel series Owly by Andy Runton last September.  Last night we read Owly • A Time to Be Brave again (we own this book but have read other Owly volumes from our library) requested by my 3¾ yr. old.  He didn't want me to stop after a few pages so we read it all the way through in 45 minutes.

I visited AndyRunton.com after getting Owly happy and discovered I had missed a really cute thing last year.  In late July '09 Owly's first animated short was debuted!  Any kid will love watching it!  It's so adorable and really short (1½ min.)!  After I watched the short I downloaded a free Owly desktop wallpaper like the image pictured above.  Too cute! 

Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May!  There may be a chance you could get a free Owly and Friends Comic at a participating store near you!


beth said...

Thanks for sharing that - Jack loves the little video!
I thought it was cute how the idea lightbulb was one of the new energy efficient ones. hehe

Jen said...

I never met Owley! He sure is cute and the short film was adorable. I like how they worked together to solve the problem- great discussion starter for kids.