Kid Minute to Win It

Do you watch Minute to Win It on NBC?  The first week of school we were still holding tight to summer so one evening we had fun outside playing a couple Minute to Win It games!  We picked two of the simpler games and changed their blueprints a little.  My kids wanted to win a million bucks but they settled for a fruit roll-up and a later bedtime! 

•  some ping-pong ball games: Ping Tac Toe, Puddle Jumper, Blow Ball

pedometer games: Temper Tantrum, Nervous Nelly, Bobble Head

I cut the top off an old sock for the pedometer to stay on the foot.  You can find pedometers at Dollar Tree.

• • More Minute to Win It games that would be fun for kids: A Bit Dicey, Baby Blockin', Breakfast Scramble, Caddy Stack, Cyclone, Floatacious, Keep It Up, Nose Dive, Pop Top • •

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silly eagle books said...

I'd like to win a fruit roll up. :) Looks like fun. Hope you and the fam are doing well!