Drawing and Doodling

My daughter really enjoys art in any way, shape or form!  We already think Ed Emberley's drawing books are wonderful but I came across two Joy Sikorski drawing books that she loves!  My daughter didn't get her art interest from me, I'm not even good at doodling (it was fun to do in a boring school class though)!

Printable art fun:
Free online art lessons:
Digital art fun:


Amy said...

Macie really likes her Doodle book by Nellie Ryan. There are several, but she has the fabulous girls doodle book.

Love and Lollipops said...

ooh such cool links, thank you!

My oldest is the "drawer" in the house, but I must say, I love "reading" these kinds of books! Perhaps one day when I have more time :) I'll also start doodling!


Jen said...

Oh, I can't wait to share with my girls. They have really been into drawing lately.

Jen :)