Bookworm Beginnings-- Penguins

I checked out a large stack of penguin books in January.  I think penguins are adorable and a must read for winter!  We had fun reading all of them and choosing our favorites.

Augustine by Mélanie Watt
This book has bold colors and kid-like drawings.  Little Augustine doesn't want to move away to the North Pole far from all her friends and family in the South Pole.  She is very artistic and expresses herself through art.  Every 2 page spread looks like this:
I really hope that Augustine can be found on your library shelves!!  I will be adding it to our bookshelf!

Second Pick-
Turtle's Penguin Day by Valeri Gorbachev
This was my son's favorite and we read it 3 times in a row one night!  We loved Turtle's imagination.  His dad read him a penguin bedtime story and the next day he was all about penguins!  He 'dressed' like one for school and the whole class joined in on the fun!  Silly and superb!  It even has extra penguin facts at the end of the book!

The rest of our picks can be found on past posts with the penguin label!  Happy penguin waddling!

** Last year we read Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.
We loved the sweet story and simple drawings.  It's right up there with our top pick!  Silly Eagle Books has a great post about this book and two fun snow/ice activities to go along with it! 

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