POM Wonderful- Jello Jigglers

.....continued from Fall in Love with POM Wonderful.  
This recipe is full of healthy juice and love for the kids.  And it tastes so yummy!
A fun activity and after-school snack for the month of February.
POM-Strawberry Jello Jigglers  
adapted from Jigglin' Juicy Juice Snacks
makes 6 thicker good-sized jello hearts

½ cup water
2 (3 oz. each) packages or 1 (6 oz.) package strawberry gelatin

Boil POM and water.  Remove from heat and stir gelatin in completely.
Pour in 2 quart casserole dish.  Refrigerate for 2-3 hours until set.
Run bottom of pan under hot water for 10 or so seconds.  Cut jello with
heart shape cookie cutter. Remove hearts with flat spatula.  Eat!!

You could also double the recipe, use a different flavor gelatin, and use a different pan size!

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vanessa said...

This looks delicious. I might have to go out and buy the ingredients tomorrow...

Jen said...

Great idea to add healthy juice to the jigglers.

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