Tumblebug Races

I saved this fun tumblebug craft from my May '07 Family Fun Magazine and we made them last week.  Look how cute these bugs are- a little wiped out too from so much racing!  They weren't difficult to craft.  I used hot glue to save time.  The sides don't match up perfectly to the body but the bugs still tumble fast and fun!  Family Fun used foam core for a ramp.  I cut some white wall board insulation and glued black fun foam to the sides.  Our race ramp will last the lifetime of our tumblebugs!  My kids love having tumblebug races.  Go to Family Fun for the tumblebug instructions!

Are you having fun with any bug crafts or anything else that has to do with spring??  I'm having a 'buggy for spring' link-up party on the first day of spring, March 20th, and it will be open for a month!!  Come join the fun and find some good ideas too!

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