Fun with a Bottle Lid

I started saving bottle lids when Silly Eagle Books posted about her Bottle Cap Bunny and then her Bottle Cap Animals!  It's a good thing because bottle cap/plastic lid fun started popping up everywhere!  We were inspired and had to make some of our own pictures.  I had a fish idea for my son but I instead made it.  He had his own easy but creative idea for a lid that opened to be a clam and he had me draw some fish to keep it company.  My daughter came up with the caterpillar.

bottle lid fish clam caterpillar

Keep It Under Your Cap- Family Fun April 2010 issue

Buggy Mod Podge Bottle Caps from Crafts Unleashed

Plastic Lid Ladybugs from Crafts by Amanda

What Can You Make From A Plastic Lid? round-up on The Crafty Crow

Beneficial Bugs- Family Fun May 2010 issue


Rebecca said...

What a great idea! Thanks. We are not big soda drinkers but I know folks who are!

Jen said...

That would be a fun creative thinking activity. How many different animals or things can you create from these bottle caps. They can use the bottle caps and draw around them and then choose their favorite to create. Thanks for sharing. Good use for lids from our "junk box."


vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

I love the caterpillar! I've been saving more caps, but we haven't used them lately...

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I think its so funny that you have this posted. We have been recently collecting these kinds of lids to do a little garden craft coming up. Im sure we will have left overs. Now I know what to do with them!