Make Classic Can Stilts

Classic tin can stilts have been around for a long time.  Make some with the kids on a summer afternoon! They're fun to decorate and even more fun to stomp around with outside!

can stilt fun

A few tips:

I wouldn't recommend using a small can like I did for my son's.  A 29.5 oz. can is perfect for smaller kids but a #10 can is even better, especially for bigger kids (like mom ) and for safety reasons.
I opened the cans with a no sharp edges can opener.
• I had my husband drill holes and then I glued foam circles around them.(answering the comment)
• We decorated with paper, Mod Podge, and paint.  The paper had a slippery/messy time and patterned paper was easier to work with than card stock.
• For the handles I used vinyl rope from Dollar Tree and hot glued ends after knotting.


 * Family Fun's Can-do Stilts are decorated patriotic! (pictured above)

*'s safety advice on their Coffee Can Stilts activity: "...have your child don protective gear and practice walking before hitting the open road.
* You can buy some fun Monster Clompers from ALEX Toys.


Jen said...

We sooo have to do this!

I'll add to our summer fun list on my blog! Did you drill holes in the sides?


beth said...

The Kirkland formula now comes in 36 oz cans, so that would probably work great. Jack's a little young :), but I could make them for my nieces and nephews for Christmas! Thanks!!

Susan said...

I'm glad you reminded me of this. Putting them on my list of summer fun with the boys! Thx, Chels! :)

Ms C and Miss E said...

My mom used to make these from margarine containers for me when I was little and it's still one of my fondest childhood memories! So much fun! I'm sure the cans would hold up longer than my plastic ones did.