Dress-Up Capes

Capes are so much fun for kids to have in their dress-up box.  My little dude has 3-- one cut from an old sheet, a super tee (link to SuperMom Central below), and a Klutz cape.  He 'flies around' the house as a SUPERHERO quite often saving the day and being imaginative!

super easy, super fast, super hero capes from Creative Kismet
Simple Superhero Cape Tutorial from Creation Corner  
▬ make an easy Custom Cape on Family Fun
▬ sew a Hooded Play Cape from Dollar Store Crafts
▬ simple Super Tee from SuperMom Central
Superhero Cape from puking pastilles 
Superhero Costume from Get Your Craft On
Easy Sew Super Hero Cape on Craft & Fabric Links

Capes and Masks from babypop designs
The Superhero Starter Kit from Klutz
Super Capes from the Dress-Up Drawer

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Everyday Mom Ideas said...

OH I just love this cape idea. my 3 yr old love dressing up and playing super heros! Thanks