Two Fun Ideas for Playing in the Snow

Our snow is dried out and crusty so we can't make snow angels or a snowman.  That won't stop us from having fun outside though!

I found this colored ice cubes activity on 20 Games to Play in the Snow.  My kids ask often to have a colored ice cube scavenger huntI keep the colored ice in a bag in the freezer.  Salad tongs add more fun and help prevent gloves becoming soaked.  If you don't have ice cube trays use small plastic containers.  A scavenger hunt for colored ice would be fun in any season!!  In the summer it would be a race to find them before they melt!

A home preschool activity in January '08- color the snow.  My daughter had a lot of fun!  All it takes is food coloring and water in a good spray bottle.


vanessa said...

This looks awesome! I love it. :)

Jeff said...

This is a brilliant idea! I will definitely be trying this with my boys (who are 6 and 2) - I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks!