10 Black-and-White Printable Paper Dolls

These links to FREE black-and-white printable paper dolls will be enjoyed by moms who don't like to 'waste' color ink and kids that like to make use of their crayons! See 10 Cute Printable Paper Dolls for links to color paper dolls.  Non-commercial use only.

Cabbage Patch Kids has 3 print-and-play paper dolls: shopping, beach, back to school! (found via Doll Diaries)

This Mama Makes Stuff on Skip to My Lou's Craft Camp has printable scrap paper dolls that you clothe with fabric!

PBS Kids Sprout Online has a Chica paper doll with 5 fun costumes!

Shirley Temple Dolls has 2 Shirley dolls/clothes that you can choose to print in b&w or color.

Nick Jr. has Pinky Dinky Doo Paper Dolls: Pinky, Tyler, and Mr. Guinea Pig!

About.com: Latter-day Saints has dolls/clothes clipart that you can choose to print in b&w or color.

PBS Kids has Caillou and Rosie paper dolls each with 6 outfits! (found via Bukisa.com)

Jan Brett has Hedga/Hedgie with costumes plus lots of free activities, games, and coloring pages! (Thanks Marlene!)

BillyBear4Kids.com has Paper Dolls with lots of outfit choices and Halloween Paper Dolls too!

Kiddley has DIY paper doll templates printed in red and white.  Close enough!

This top ten black-and-white paper doll list is linked to Top Ten {Tuesday} on Oh AmandaThe dolls listed are in no particular order!


Eos Mom said...

Thanks for all the links--I can'[t wait to do paper dolls with my daughter!!!

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

awesome! my daughter will love this!

thanks for linking up!


Anonymous said...

This is great! I especially love the DIY Dolls. My kids will love these (and maybe they'll be distracted enough so I can make dinner too).


Jessica said...

Help me...what is the best way to print and use these? Regular paper, stock, construction. Then what have her glue or tape? Forgive me for sounding weird i just never played with paper dolls before and well want my daughter to experience fun with out playing video games like i did:( Thanks jess

Chels said...

Jess-- couldn't find an e-mail for you so hopefully you'll come back to the comments for my reply!
I'm not a pro at paper dolls but I would print on card stock or print, cut, and then glue to card stock. Check out my other paper doll post link at the top of this post for a link to a magnetic paper doll tutorial. It all depends on how long you want them to last.

Jessica said...

yeah thx for the info we will try with glue first:)

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

Yay! You joined in top ten tuesday! :) I love this list--especially the hedgie dolls!

Rosilin said...

LOVE the paper doll, it brings back so many memories of time spent with my mom. In truth paper dolls inspired me to design my own fashions, though I have moved on to real models now. It will be nice to see my daughters develop their own since of style.

this website has a few historical paper dolls to add to your collection. (you will have to cut and paste the address to your browser.)


ElizabethStewartClark.com also as a few Historically accurate sewing patterns as well.

aestril said...

Hey, Chels!

Children's book author/illustator Nathan Hale has a fun paper doll of Rapunzel, the title character of his book, 'Rapunzel's Revenge.

It can be found here;

While you're there, check out his Jurassic Water Park series. My kids love it so much, I had to print them so we can 'read' it at bedtime.

TheCraftBarn said...

Thanks for the list....I posted a link on my blog:

Jennifer @ The Craft Barn

SmartShopaholic said...

Thanks again for sharing! I love them! :)

Love and Lollipops said...

Thanks for these. I just LOVE paper dolls - it's such a girly thing! Also super paper dolls at makingfriends.com