Owly by Andy Runton

This cute Owly Read poster was found on Suite 101

I was introduced to Owly by a book display at my library this summer.  Owly is a comic/graphic novel that is absolutely adorable!!  Andy Runton does a wonderful job of drawing super cute characters and telling a story without words!  You have to "read" the characters expressions and thought/dialogue bubbles that contain pictures.  It's actually a challenge for the brain!  Owly graphic novels are for kids of all ages (and adults too ).  My daughter is 6 and we've "read" Owly • A Time to be Brave together.

On AndyRunton.com there are so many fun things to find.  On the Goodies page there are Owly Desktop Pictures and Owly Button Desktop Icons!!  On the Owly As... page there are sketches of Owly as a Pirate Captain, Astronaut, Superman, Oscar the Grouch, a Red Sox Fan and tons more!

There's an Owly review on Kidliterate, an Interview with Andy Runton on Riverside Reads and on Suite 101 they have an interesting article called Teach Owly Graphic Novels to Reluctant Readers.  Buy an Owly book from Top Shelf or Amazon or see if your library has them!