Ed Emberly's Fingerprint Drawing Book

Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book

I checked out Ed Emberly's Fingerprint Drawing Book from the library and my 7 year old daughter has had so much fun with it!  I equipped her with a smock, stamp pads, wet rag, scratch paper, and construction paper.  She wasn't satisfied with her beginning practice but I told her to keep trying and look closely at the drawings and after a while she proudly showed me her page full of fingerprints!  She also made two birthday cards and was inspired to create a fingerprint drawing of her own (big dipper)!

The pictured directions for each fingerprint drawing are easy to follow.  The fun includes holidays, seasons, garden, and feelings.  Ed Emberly's Fingerprint Drawing Book would make a fun kid gift!

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Printable Paper City

When I saw this free printable Paper City from Made by Joel (found via Together We Save and Money Saving Mom) I knew my son would enjoy it!  I'm saving the fun for a rainy day!  The Paper City Vehicles and Helicopter make this pretend city awesome for boys!!

*Check out all of Joel's Paper City Printouts.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe Outside

{education.com} rock tic-tac-toe

Are you creating summer memories with Education.com's Summer Challenge?  A great and simple activity for many ages is Rock Out with Tic-Tac-Toe.  My kids had just as much fun painting the rocks as they did playing the game outside over and over!  Keep the rocks with a piece of chalk in a reuse container and take the game anywhere!

Love and Lollipops is More Than Sweet

At first it was the 'sweet' little blog name (and a nice comment) that intrigued me to visit Love and Lollipops.  After I took a little time to look around I knew it was more than sweet!  The blog author, Georgia, lives in South Africa...her header says,"growing children's hearts and minds to be of the lovely kind"...she's a "Mom, Psychologist, and Photographer"...she has happy, fun, and creative posts...she's new to blogging (but doing fantastic)!   I've had a few e-mail interactions with Georgia and she's a friendly (and genuine) blogger!!  I like what she said in a recent e-mail reply, "I'm all about "bright and happy" if I can achieve it.  That's what I love about the blog space...it feels like it's my own little magazine!"  She's a natural at 'happy' in my opinion.  I enjoy Georgia's blog a lot and hope you will too!

It's winter in Cape Town so Georgia and her boys are creating inside...

Georgia is busy creating too...

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•No-Sew Caterpillar and Butterfly-- craft that goes along with a Memetales book
•Fun with Felt-- I love that Georgia was inspired by a little puzzle that makes her happy.

*All photos from Love and Lollipops (used with written permission).

Make Fun-Shaped Crayons

fun-shaped crayons

Right now 24 packs of Crayola Crayons are cheap at back to school sales.  Stock up if you want to make homemade crayons in lots of different shapes all times of the year!  Last February I followed Family Fun's Crayon Hearts instructions to make crayons for my daughter's Valentine/birthday goodie bags. *A couple tips: I slit the wrappers off carefully with a craft knife (some were still difficult to get off)Do not use other (cheaper) crayon brands if you want them to melt good and color great!

There are a few different ways to make recycled crayons.  I have yet to try the tin can method (Momtastic, Chica and Jo & Squidoo) but I plan to soon.  The microwave method with a silicone tray went poorly for me (julie-k).  I think the oven method is the best (Make and Takes & Family Fun) and it was easier to get the crayons out from the mini muffin tin than silicone ice tray. 

The silicone heart ice cube tray pictured was found in January at Target in the front cheap section ($2.50/2 pack).  IKEA sells fun-shaped ice trays ('Only intended to be filled with water') and I found a flower-shaped one at Dollar Tree recently (haven't used it for crayon melting yet)Michaels also has seasonal shaped baking pans.  Use caution when heating any of these trays in the oven or microwave.

Grow Borax Crystals

We're having fun with Education.com's Summer Activities Challenge!  On Monday we completed the activity Grow Sparkling Borax Crystals.  It's a mini science lesson that isn't difficult.  My kids shaped the pipe cleaners and poured the Borax into their jars.  When winter's here again we'll be doing some pretty snowflakes to hang in the windows! *Borax can be found in the laundry section of most stores including Walmart.

10 Black-and-White Printable Paper Dolls

These links to FREE black-and-white printable paper dolls will be enjoyed by moms who don't like to 'waste' color ink and kids that like to make use of their crayons! See 10 Cute Printable Paper Dolls for links to color paper dolls.  Non-commercial use only.

Cabbage Patch Kids has 3 print-and-play paper dolls: shopping, beach, back to school! (found via Doll Diaries)

This Mama Makes Stuff on Skip to My Lou's Craft Camp has printable scrap paper dolls that you clothe with fabric!

PBS Kids Sprout Online has a Chica paper doll with 5 fun costumes!

Shirley Temple Dolls has 2 Shirley dolls/clothes that you can choose to print in b&w or color.

Nick Jr. has Pinky Dinky Doo Paper Dolls: Pinky, Tyler, and Mr. Guinea Pig!

About.com: Latter-day Saints has dolls/clothes clipart that you can choose to print in b&w or color.

PBS Kids has Caillou and Rosie paper dolls each with 6 outfits! (found via Bukisa.com)

Jan Brett has Hedga/Hedgie with costumes plus lots of free activities, games, and coloring pages! (Thanks Marlene!)

BillyBear4Kids.com has Paper Dolls with lots of outfit choices and Halloween Paper Dolls too!

Kiddley has DIY paper doll templates printed in red and white.  Close enough!

This top ten black-and-white paper doll list is linked to Top Ten {Tuesday} on Oh AmandaThe dolls listed are in no particular order!

July 4th Celebration Stick

My kids checked out Corduroy's 4th of July (board book) from the library.  At the end of the book Corduroy and his friends are in a parade and the doll is holding a fun stick.  My son thought this was a great idea and wanted one of his own!  So I came up with a simple July 4th Celebration Stick-- my kids call it a Parade Wand.

July 4th Celebration Sticks

dowels (ours are 7")
regular ribbon(6"pieces)/curling ribbon(7" pieces)
wide ribbon; 3" pieces
silver chenille stem (optional); 2" or 3" pieces
low-temp glue gun
••Hot glue ribbons (I used 4 regular/6 curling) and chenille stem piece at top of stick and then glue the wide ribbon piece around all of it to hold together!  Form a small noisy parade (like my kids immediately did) and wave like crazy!

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