Heart Healthy Exercise Game Printable

Marie from Make and Takes shares so many easy and fun ideas for kids.  Last year I saw her Heart Healthy Exercise Game and knew it would be fun for my daughter's 2nd grade Valentines party.

heart healthy exercise game
I wanted each kid to have their own game board.  My husband drew simple stick people for me because I don't draw, not even stick figures. I printed the game boards on card stock.

Just like Marie shows I cut out little felt hearts and hot glued them leaving a 3/4" opening.  I took felt and fun foam scraps for the kids to decorate their beanbag before filling it with beans or rice.  The beanbag activity was first and then the game was played in group rotations.  At the end of the party the kids had a fun game to take home! 


Here is my redesigned Heart Healthy Exercise Game board.  If you would like to download it for free click the link below the image and it will take you to google docs.

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RECIPE: Nut Germ Crunch

This is my kids' favorite after-school snack.

NUT Germ Crunch
a recipe from me

graham crackers
whipped creamy peanut butter
toasted wheat germ

Spread a layer of nutella on cracker.  Spread a layer of whipped p.b. on cracker.  Sprinkle wheat germ on top.  Nutty, crunchy and so yummy!  Betcha can't eat just one! ☺

I put wheat germ in a spice bottle so it's easier to sprinkle.  I whip the peanut butter in large amounts and store it in a Nutella container.

We also like Nutella/p.b./wheat germ on bananas, apples and popcorn.

Read articles about wheat germ on Livestrong.com including toasted vs. untoasted wheat germ.

Kids' Card Game Holder

While playing card games like UNO my son lays out his cards face-up and tries to shield them from his opponent.  Now he can hold his cards like a big kid because Adapting Creatively shared how to make a simple holder with two CDs (offset) and super glue.  It works great, costs nothing and I like to use it too.  A Gamewright card holder is over 5 bucks.

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