Fishing for Floating Foam Fish

foam fish
This is an easy to make fishing set that can be played with outside in water or indoors on the floor!  The fish are fun plain but even better with numbers, letters, or holes for a fantastic learning activity.  Make two poles to play a fun game to see who can get the most!

My kids have had a good time fishing for floating foam fish in the kiddie pool. 

fun foam (Dollar Tree find)
brads (mine are small craft brads)
dowels ($1 at Walmart)
strong magnets 
hot glue gun and/or waterproof glue

Use waterproof glue for ribbon and magnet if you'll be playing in the water.  I made a slit in the foam before attaching the brad eye.

Make a Boat and Watch it Float!

craft stick boats
In July we made craft stick boats after I saw a cool bamboo boat on Childhood Magic (blog is no longer public).  I used hot glue and they fell apart shortly after getting wet.  I think I should tie the sticks together with twine.  This is a fun craft for anytime of year since you can float them in the tub or sink just for fun!

Easy boats that float:

Made by Joel Walnut Boats

Wabi-Sabi Wanderings Driftwood Sailboats

Ziggity Zoom Milk Carton Boats

Made by Joel (a cool and creative dad)

Did you miss the first fantastic find I posted about from Made by Joel-- Printable Paper City??  This guy's creativity and simplistic approach to playing amazes me!  His kids are lucky to have such a cool and fun dad!  I basically browsed every post on Made by Joel and found many great things to add to my kid list.  It's so nice of him to take the time to share these creative ideas with us!!  You need to check out the site for yourself but here's some posts I really like:

Match Game (you could make it a toddler memory game)

Zip Line Toy (soooo creative)

Toddler Stilts (definitely a safer option over Classic Can Stilts)

Cereal Box Marble Run (my kind of fun-- reuse and then recycle)

Wall Hanging Box Aquarium (seriously, we're making one or two so the kids will stop asking for a real pet)

Tin Can Telephones (hooray for old fashioned communication)