Indoor Olympics- Beanbag Toss and Bowling

Watching parts of the Olympics has been fun for my kids.  Their favorite events are figure skating and bobsled.  We created our own easy indoor Olympic fun yesterday and kept track of scores so we could 'medal' too!

Beanbag Toss 
REUSE an ice cream bucket for your beanbag target.
beanbags- Make and Takes shows an easy way to make little felt bean bags and I have beanbag links on my Let the Games Begin! post.

Mini Bottle Bowling
 REUSE water bottles or fruit juice bottles to have mini bowling fun!

POM Wonderful- Sugar Cookie Frosting

.....continued from Fall in Love with POM Wonderful.  

 Isn't this sugar cookie frosting color just gorgeous?  It wasn't achieved with food coloring-- nope!  I used PM Wonderful 100% juice.  I added it mostly for the color but the SMALL hint of pomegranate taste is yummy too!  Share the love during February by giving heart cookies to neighbors or friends!

POM Wonderful Sugar Cookie Frosting
2 ¾ cups powdered sugar
4 Tbsp. softened butter
4 Tbsp. POM Wonderful juice
1 Tbsp. milk
Mix and heat a little in microwave if needed.  Frost some yummy sugar cookies!  Frosting will glaze over making the cookies easy to store in a container.  Keep unused frosting covered in fridge and warm up to soften when needed to frost cookies.

Print the recipe for the soft sugar cookies pictured.  It's the only recipe I use.

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POM Wonderful- 'Sweet' Drink

.....continued from Fall in Love with POM Wonderful

Simple and sweet, make a dinner even lovelier with PM Wonderful heart ice cubes in Sprite!  And in the February 2010 issue of Parents they made a 'Love Potion' with pomegranate juice heart ice cubes in a tangy fruit smoothie.  There are  many 'sweet' drink possibilities when you use pomegranate juice!

Stick Card Puzzles

This post is similar to my Stick Puzzle post.  I found the original idea on  You REUSE a greeting card front to make a card puzzle for a holiday or just for fun.  I used my own paper creation and made a Valentine card puzzle to give to my kids at breakfast.  This would be a fun idea for a kid birthday card too.  I used Mod Podge instead of tacky glue and I covered the top of the card as well.  If you make your own card be sure to use stamp pads or markers that won't smear when you put the Mod Podge on.

Instructions: Tape the back of the big woodsie sticks, cut card to size, paint a thin layer of mod podge on the sticks where the card will be, place card on top and smooth down really good (important- let this step dry first with a book on top of it to keep it flat), mod podge top of card and smooth down well, let dry a little and then place heavy objects on sides of sticks while drying so it doesn't curl (I used my metal crafting tool tin so it wouldn't stick to any mod podge), dry for a long time (overnight is best), untape sticks, use another stick as your guide to cut card with exacto knife very slowly and carefully

Stick Card Puzzle Gallery:

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POM Wonderful- Jello Jigglers

.....continued from Fall in Love with POM Wonderful.  
This recipe is full of healthy juice and love for the kids.  And it tastes so yummy!
A fun activity and after-school snack for the month of February.
POM-Strawberry Jello Jigglers  
adapted from Jigglin' Juicy Juice Snacks
makes 6 thicker good-sized jello hearts

½ cup water
2 (3 oz. each) packages or 1 (6 oz.) package strawberry gelatin

Boil POM and water.  Remove from heat and stir gelatin in completely.
Pour in 2 quart casserole dish.  Refrigerate for 2-3 hours until set.
Run bottom of pan under hot water for 10 or so seconds.  Cut jello with
heart shape cookie cutter. Remove hearts with flat spatula.  Eat!!

You could also double the recipe, use a different flavor gelatin, and use a different pan size!

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Bookworm Beginnings-- Penguins

I checked out a large stack of penguin books in January.  I think penguins are adorable and a must read for winter!  We had fun reading all of them and choosing our favorites.

Augustine by Mélanie Watt
This book has bold colors and kid-like drawings.  Little Augustine doesn't want to move away to the North Pole far from all her friends and family in the South Pole.  She is very artistic and expresses herself through art.  Every 2 page spread looks like this:
I really hope that Augustine can be found on your library shelves!!  I will be adding it to our bookshelf!

Second Pick-
Turtle's Penguin Day by Valeri Gorbachev
This was my son's favorite and we read it 3 times in a row one night!  We loved Turtle's imagination.  His dad read him a penguin bedtime story and the next day he was all about penguins!  He 'dressed' like one for school and the whole class joined in on the fun!  Silly and superb!  It even has extra penguin facts at the end of the book!

The rest of our picks can be found on past posts with the penguin label!  Happy penguin waddling!

** Last year we read Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.
We loved the sweet story and simple drawings.  It's right up there with our top pick!  Silly Eagle Books has a great post about this book and two fun snow/ice activities to go along with it!