RECIPE: Nut Germ Crunch

This is my kids' favorite after-school snack.

NUT Germ Crunch
a recipe from me

graham crackers
whipped creamy peanut butter
toasted wheat germ

Spread a layer of nutella on cracker.  Spread a layer of whipped p.b. on cracker.  Sprinkle wheat germ on top.  Nutty, crunchy and so yummy!  Betcha can't eat just one! ☺

I put wheat germ in a spice bottle so it's easier to sprinkle.  I whip the peanut butter in large amounts and store it in a Nutella container.

We also like Nutella/p.b./wheat germ on bananas, apples and popcorn.

Read articles about wheat germ on including toasted vs. untoasted wheat germ.

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Jen said...

Sounds yummy! My kiddos love nutella. I'll have to try it on graham crackers and the wheat germ is a healthy idea. Hope your family is doing well.

Take Care,