Beautiful Yarn Bangles

beautiful yarn bangles has a yarn bracelet craft that my daughter and I have been doing a lot lately.  We found an abundance of plastic heart bangles at Dollar Tree, Target and Walmart before Valentine's Day.   We've gone a little crazy since the yarn we like has a big selection of color combinations! 

Cut an 8' ½" to 9' piece of yarn.   
Length needed depends on weight of yarn (we use Peaches & Creme and Sugar'n Cream which are a medium 4) and size of bangle.  It's better to have too much than too little. 

Tie yarn around the bangle and cover the loose end by wrapping the yarn around it.

Do three or four wraps at a time-- tight and close together-- and then unwrap the hanging yarn from twisting around the bangle or you'll end up with a mess.

When it's all wrapped, cut excess yarn and secure end with a little super glue (do this near top, not inside, of bracelet or it will scratch when worn)A little hot glue works too but I prefer super glue.

 These beautiful bangles would be perfect as a party favor or a party craft.

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